Basic Info

Name: Carsten Bechmann

Birthday: 5th of March 1976

Country: Denmark

Occupation: Hotline Support Specialist


What I love taking pictures of

Animals - I have always been interested in wild life, and have a great wish to someday go on a real safari. But until then, I will settle for whatever animals I come across (even in the Zoo).

Nature - Great landscapes have always fascinated me.

Vehicles - Have a "work-in-progress" classic car at home (VW Safari - danish kitcar), and have been a member of a christian classic car club called KV316 (

Architecture - Old churches, interesting architecture is fun to shoot. It always amazes me how creative people can get in terms of architecture.

What I do not like taking pictures of

People - For some reason that has never been an interest of mine. Perhaps because I feel bad for the other person, if the pictures does not turn out perfect.

Street Photography - Mostly because of the same reasoning as with people. I would never go to a stranger, and ask if I could take a picture of them. I feel like that is an invasion of their privacy, and I wouldn't like it if someone asked me for a photo.